Beastie Boys

This band was set up the first time as a band with the genre of hardcore punk. It was also at that time that it was first called as Young Aborigines in the year of 1978. The band at that time is composed of Diamond for the vocals, John Berry for the guitar part, Yauch for the bass instrument, and Kate Schellenbach in the part of drums. They have made two songs that were made as a part of a cassette compiled named New York Thrash. That is already in the year of 1982.

The guitarist leaves the band and Horovitz became the replacement. After some time in 1983, the drummer, Schellenbach also drop out of the band. From that time on, they have concentrated on being a hip-hop music band. This band even have the opportunity to have a tour together with the famous singer Madonna in the year of 1985. They have also achieved the record of being a rap band that has sold millions of record and so they were considered as the best selling when they start to record sales.

Since they have started in the career of rap from the year of 1986 until the year of 2004, the band is labeled as one among the band who lived long in the hip-hop music industry. They have achieved success as they became one of the musicians who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But with the death of one band member due to illness, the band was discontinued.